Frequently Asked Questions
We provide you a platform to have a hand on experience in ENGLISH Communication from our recognised professionals. Our teacher will understand your requirements from the demo session and suggest you to enrol in one of the courses. HE/SHE will be there with the student throughout the course to overcome all your barriers and achieve your goals.
If you wish to learn from the basics it would be better you enrol in our foundation course.
Surely, our trainers are available from 6.30 am –11.30 pm.
There is nothing as such a general syllabus as we understand every individual is different and we strive to overcome each and every flaw in your communication. But yes, there are definitely certain set of skills that will be taught to you in respective course. Further depth into this would be provided to you by the trainer assigned for you.
In order to make your communication effective you need to be precise as well as laconic with your content. All of this would be covered under vocabulary building and sentence formation exercises.
Yes surely, especially engaging in one- on -one video sessions will give u the feel that you have the person right Infront of you. It will really play a big role in building your confidence and will also prepare you for instant communication in real time.
YES. Please fill in the enquiry form and enrol for a demo.
Fluency is something that can only be improved with practice and we are here for it. We will put you under rigorous fluency exercises and expose you to difficult scenario and prepare you for real life scenario.
Sorry, we don’t conduct offline classes.
NO, you will be charged separately for the respective course.
Yes you get a completion certificate on successfully completing the course.
Yes, students doing POST GRADUATION are requested to enrol for Preplacement training course (Presentation skills would also be a part of the course).
Yes, Mother Tongue Influence (MTI) is one the key aspects which we look into. All the corresponding exercises would be informed to you by your assigned trainer.
NO, we are available for everyone and have respective arrangements for it. Please contact on the above-mentioned number.

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